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passions and projects
we wanted to honor his trumpness on winning the president's seat, but we couldn't make it to the inauguration party. so, we decided to take the party into our own giant hands by building 10 larger-than-life-sized piñatas. piñatas yuge enough for only the donald himself.
trumparty.tumblr.com dear rival a song written, recorded, produced, and turned music video in 3 days. it was thanksgiving, i had nothing else to do.
swingin' most people say they like jazz. i call bull on most people.
byu i've had the cool opportunity to work in the byu adlab with amazing people and clientele. two quick turn arounds for nike, a summer project for microsoft, and semester work for neff skate company. i've learned a lot about the biz in this place. i do bar mitzvahs, weddings, high school talent shows, company bbq's, birthday parties, etc.
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